Regional Joint 恐怖主义 Task Forces (JTTFs) were initiated in 1980 by the FBI in an interagency approach to combatting terrorism. NCIS 具有 Special Agents and analysts integrated into 22 FBI-led JTTFs around the United States, positioned where the Department of the Navy's equities are greatest. In addition, NCIS 具有 a presence at the National Joint 恐怖主义 Task Force,



The State Department 具有 designated the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) and members of its leadership as Specially Designated Global Terrorists, the first time in history the Department 具有 designated a white supremacist 恐怖分子 group.

As President Trump 具有 said, “用一种声音,我们的国家必须谴责种族主义,偏执狂和白人至上。”  With today’s action, we are adding the powerful authority held by the State Department to counter 恐怖分子s to that voice.

轮缘 and its leaders Stanislav Anatolyevich Vorobyev, Denis Valiullovich Gariyev, and Nikolay Nikolayevich Trushchalov 根据13224号行政命令(由13886号行政命令修订)指定, for providing training 对于 acts of terrorism that threaten the national security and 对于eign policy of the United States 并成为该小组的领导人。

名称 seek to deny these 恐怖分子s 他们提供培训所需的资源 to commit attacks.  Among other consequences, all of their property and interests that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or hereafter come within the possession or control of U.S. persons, 有 been blocked, and U.S. persons are generally prohibited from engaging in any transactions with them.

轮缘 has provided paramilitary-style 培训白人至上主义者和新纳粹分子 在欧洲并积极致力于 将这些类型的团体召集起来对抗他们的敌人。  RIM 具有 two training facilities in St. Petersburg, which are likely being used 对于 woodland and urban assault, tactical weapons, and hand-to-hand combat training.  轮缘 is led by Vorobyev, its 创始人兼总负责人。  Gariyev is the head of 轮缘’s paramilitary arm, the Imperial Legion.  Trushchalov is 轮缘’s Coordinator 对于 External Relations.

2016年,有两个 Swedish individuals attended 轮缘’s training course; thereafter, they committed a series of bombings 在瑞典哥德堡, 针对一个难民庇护所,一个寻求庇护者庇护所和一个咖啡馆,他们在瑞典被定罪。  The 瑞典 prosecutor credited 轮缘 对于 their terrorist 激进和相关培训。  RIM 具有 also provided 准军事风格 培训来自德国,波兰的白人至上主义者, and Finland.

轮缘’s 特朗普总统对13224号行政命令的修正案启用了此名称 through Executive Order 13886, which was the most significant expansion of federal 恐怖分子 sanctions 自9/11起指定当局。  该修正案授权 国务院指定团体和个人 have participated 进行恐怖主义行为的培训以及确定为此类团体领导人的人。

This designation notifies the U.S. public and the international community that 轮缘 具有 participated in training 承诺 acts of terrorism.  Designations of 恐怖分子s, both 个人和团体, 揭露和隔离他们,并拒绝他们访问m6米乐官网金融系统。  此外,指定可以协助其他m6米乐官网机构和政府的执法行动。

可在此处获得国务院指定的FTO和SDGT的列表: //



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